52 Ways to Make Your Cycling Time More Enjoyable

1. Ride for yourself. Not what others expect from you.

2. Don't be afraid to try something new. A new group ride. A new route. A new technique.

3. Check your tire pressure before every ride.

4. Bring a spare tube, tools, phone, id, and some cash with you on every ride.

5. Get a RoadID.

6. It just polite to let someone know where you're headed and for how long.

7. Always greet other cyclists (and walkers) on your ride. No reason not to be nice.

8. If you pull up and draft behind someone, let them know you're there. Even better, ask if it's ok.

9. On a group ride, take your pull off the front. Keep a steady speed.

10. Stop to help ANY cyclist you see on the side of the road. You never know when it'll be you without any CO2 cartridges one day.

11. Hydrate. I shouldn't have to say this. Water before, during, and after.

12. If you get leg cramps, don't panic. Word is pickle juice after your ride is the magic cure.

13. If you join a group ride make sure to ride safe. Don't overlap your front wheel to someone's back wheel, even for a moment. 1-2 feet behind still gives you a good draft and keeps the pace line intact.

14. Please. No excuses. It's painful to listen how fast, or lightweight, or strong you used to be. Ride. Ride hard. Ride easy. It's ok with us.

15. Best use for Strava? Compare your own times with yourself. KOMs are going to be held by pros, semi-pros, or the BEST riders in town. Unless that's you, don't worry about them.

16. It's acceptable to wait at the top of a long climb for your group. It's also ok to hang back with a much slower rider and help them grind it out. They'll really appreciate it.

17. Usually it's not cool to offer unsolicited advice. Ask if someone would like a tip or pointer. They'll be much more likely to take the advice that way.

18. If you're running a group ride, check to make sure everyone knows where you plan to go. It's easier to find a dropped or flatted rider that way. You also won't have to worry about where someone is.

19. When you're in a group ride, make sure you know your hand and voice signals to communicate with other rides.

20. When riding with another rider point out road hazards because they can't see what you can see.

21. Follow the traffic laws!

22. Call out 'on you left' when approaching walkers on a bike path... and be prepared for them to step to their left.

23. Check your weather app BEFORE you walk out the door. You never know.

24. If you need motivation to get out and ride, read the I Love Road Cycling VIP Facebook group. You'll be putting on your kit in no time.

25. When you're riding at dawn, dusk, or dark, make sure your lights are working and on!

26. HELMET!!! Don't get us started on this one. We've cracked enough helmets to know our head is better off from wearing them.

27. Be comfortable - purchase a pair of cyclist gloves and padded shorts. When I first began riding I could not figure out why my hands were always numb. Good pair of gloves later numbness was gone.

28. Be safe - follow all the traffic laws that apply to cyclists.

29. Surrender to the fact your saddle area is going to hurt when you first start... A softer, bigger saddle isn't going to make it better.

30. It's not the miles it's the time you put in at first …ride out say 1 hours ...so you ride out 30 minutes from the start and 30 minutes back to the start!! ...you have break your buttock into sitting in that skinny saddle. Then get some good bike shorts always bring water too!!

31. Practice changing flat tires before you go out.

32. Join a club and ride to your level. You only get better by continuing to ride and occasionally testing your limits. You won't know what you can do until you try it. Don't be afraid of the hills. Start slow and build up your fitness.

33. Don't necessarily follow the herd. There are many different reasons to ride. Figure out your own personal goals, and then go for it.

34. Learn to love riding by yourself! You'll be happy even someone is not by your side on a group ride.

35. Have an experienced cyclist help you set your seat height.

36. Do not, no matter what, get cheap gear on the premise that you will upgrade if it is deemed you like the sport. The right equipment can be a major factor if you like or love right from the start. The right shoes, gloves, helmet, tights, and others will help in your decision.

37. Your mind limits you more than your body.... you physically can achieve what your mind cannot comprehend!

38. Work on what’s good and ATTACK what you're weak at.

39. It is exercise, it is a sport. Expect to be tired, expect to be sore. If you want leisure get yourself a beach cruiser and stay off the roads.

40. Become familiar with cycling terms, such as "bonk". Learn how to avoid it, or experience will be your best teacher.

41. Helmet goes without saying. And get a cheap one only if you've got a cheap head.

42. Listen to your body. It is your first coach. But don't let it have complete control, endurance is mainly mind over matter.

43. Ride every day, raining or not.

44. Two rules for enjoying cycling: (1) Never pass up an opportunity to ride. (2) Never pass up an opportunity to pee.

45. Get your bike fitted to your body.

46. Buy the best bike and kit you can comfortably afford. Upgrading later costs more in the long run.

47. Use plenty of chamois cream!

48. Train legs properly so your knees won't be damaged.

49. Ride for the freedom it gives you and the fun of it. Don't ride to compete with anyone.

50. You will see, smell and feel your path as you never could in a car. Enjoy the journey.

51. Pedal downhill too.

52. Death before dismount.

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