You Deserve to Be Comfortable. The Importance of Quality Cycling Apparel.

Zaavy Apparel

The following is a summary of how Zaavy Apparel makes top quality cycling kits.

"Two of the most important features you want in your custom cycling apparel are quality fabrics and quality components.


Good news! We focused on producing the highest quality cycling apparel right from the beginning.  If we don’t feel good riding in it, we won’t build or sell it.


It all starts with our fabrics.


  • We scour the world for the best fabrics from Italy and the US. We start with wicking, quick drying 100% microfiber jersey fabric with superior 2-way stretch for good fit and flap free riding.
  • The fabrics must accept high res vibrant digital images.
  • Our fabrics offer UV protection to protect you from the sun.
  • Time trial and speed oriented body suits and tri tops require a skin tight aero fit - for those we use fabrics with elastane content specific for these applications.
  • For our wind and thermal products we use multilevel breathable laminates which also provides stretch when worn over a jersey or base layer. They conform without impairing movement.

Add to that only the best components.


  • Pads. We use only high end pads from Italy designed for 4+ hours in the saddle.
  • Our top end performance Cytech pad is antimicrobial, suitable for 6+ hour rides and often found in the pro peloton.
  • We use YKK full length zippers. They rarely fail so your apparel lasts longer.
  • We use Virgin Silicone Grippers also from Italy which last for years and are antimicrobial.
  • Our power bands are face with elastane, come from Italy provide superior grip, and are hypoallergenic and compressive.
  • We use stretch threads to match the stretch fabric.

We can't say enough about our excellent design and fit.


  • Our patterns are designed and tested by active cyclists, professional cyclists and endurance cyclists. It's taken years to fine tune our designs to provide the best fit.
  • They must feel good so you don’t even think about your apparel when riding.
  • We work hard to make sure our designs are flap free.
  • We print using digital dye sublimation with high resolution for crisp - better defined, and more vibrant colors. Your jersey will "pop" and colors stay vibrant longer.
  • We scale the artwork on all sizes so your design looks the same on any size.

Finally, we design and build in the USA. 

That's probably more than you wanted to know about how we make great kits. It is, however, what we obsess about every day of the year.


Zaavy Apparel

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