Oculus 1800 Lumens Front Light for Cyclists
Oculus 1800 Lumens Front Light for Cyclists
Oculus 1800 Lumens Front Light for Cyclists
Oculus 1800 Lumens Front Light for Cyclists

Oculus 1800 Lumens Front Light for Cyclists

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Oculus results from thousands of test hours, in harsh and rain-soaked conditions.  Police, bike commuters, and pro champions, guide Oculus to insure product quality matches the state of the art innovation in every product.

Stop buying cheap lights for your rides. If you're serious about seeing the road, read why Oculus is your only option!

  • Best lumens per dollar and lumens per gram in class.
  • 1800 lumens without separate switches or battery packs.
  • Patented optics so you get SUPER bright light.
  • Five brightnesses and six blink patterns. Too much? We don't think so.
  • Automatic temperature control.
  • Brighter than a car headlight.
  • Quick release velcro strap fits wide wingbars and thin MTB bars
  • Mount's side-step mates with any helmet vent making it more stable
  • Low battery warning light
  • Rechargeable AND replaceable battery change. No tools required.
  • Smooth, even light, without hot spots and glare.
  • Diamond polished lens.
  • IP 6 on the outside and waterproofed circuit board inside.
  • Outshines best motorcycle LED headlight.
  • NASA picks Oculus lights to light the moon. Really!
  • Easy, unbreakable, quick release mount.
  • Lightest weight in class.
  • Includes extra rechargeable battery
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty

Battery life: There are different settings on the light and depending on which setting you're using, you can run an hour on full power and up to 12 hours on a more battery efficient level. You can carry a spare battery (included) to run longer on full power.

If you're serious about seeing and being seen, this is the light for you.

Some comments from our customers and users.

  • “your product absolutely blows anything else away that I have ever used - by far.”
  • “My kids will be happy and safe on the road.”
  • “This light should be banned by the UCI!”
  • “an invaluable light that our riders loved having on their handlebars. In darkness they needed that brightness when they were riding as fast as they were. -RAAM crew member.”
  • “I love my Oculus light - there's nothing better out there. I ride at night not ever worried about what the cars around me will see. I wish you nothing but massive success Barry!”
  • “Brian finally tested out your light on a night ride and was thrilled beyond belief.”
  • “our favorite go-to commuter and touring light”  -Veloreviews.com
  • “light is turning heads.... from automobiles sitting at an intersecting street trying to come into my lane!!! They're stunned to find out it's a bicycle!!!”
  • “The light is fabulous for mtn bike night riding in Park City Utah BTW!”
  • “I'm impressed with the build quality, and the improvements you added to the light.”
  • “I like how bright it is and the varying degrees of light I can use.”There are no hotspots yet the beam reaches far out. 

Some comments from the press.

"Oculus lights literally outshine car lights" - the Los Angeles Times

"We truly believe the Oculus light is a huge leap forward in nighttime riding comfort and most importantly safety. We hope that you will try one out for yourself!" - Planet Ultra

"Beam angle is something that you do need to be conscious of with this light. At 1500 lumens you are well into car headlight brightness range, and blinding other drivers is something to be earnestly concerned about." - VeloReviews

Finally, if this light was selected for NASA's Rover mission and by a winning team for RAAM, it's the right light for your commute. You will see and be seen. 

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