ShockStop Suspension Seat Post by Redshift Sports
ShockStop Suspension SeatPost by Red Shift Sports Available at I Love Road Cycling
ShockStop Suspension Seat Post by Redshift Sports
ShockStop Suspension Seat Post by Redshift Sports

ShockStop Suspension Seat Post by Redshift Sports

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The patent-pending ShockStop Suspension Seatpost provides 35mm of tunable, ultra-responsive suspension travel for the ultimate bump-eating comfort. 20mm of front suspension and 35 mm of rear suspension let you float over rough terrain - ride further, faster, and more comfortably on the bike you already own. The minimal, subtle design blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of modern gravel, road, and e-bikes.

  • 35mm of active suspension travel
  • Infinitely adjustable preload stiffness adjustment
  • Swappable springs included for different rider weights
  • Optimized linkage geometry provides ultra-responsive suspension
  • 27.2mm x 350mm length (shims available to fit larger seat tube sizes)
Diameter 27.2 mm (shims available)
Length 350 mm (14 in)
Suspension Travel 35 mm (1.4 in)
Rearward Offset 7 mm (0.25 in)
Rearward Offset (@ 25% travel) 12 mm (0.4 in)
Spring Preload User Adjustable
Weight 497 g (17.5 oz)
Rider Weight Limit 110 kg (242 lb)
Material 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy
Saddle Rail Compatibility 7mm round & 7x9mm oval
Di2 Battery Compatibility Yes (requires mount kit)

Customer Testimonials

"I went on my first ride on the new seat post, and WOW.... It feels amazing."Ricardo V., GA, USA

"I received my seatpost yesterday and just installed it and took a short ride. So far I am happy with it and I think it will save my boney butt. :) I feel a big difference already."- Al P., NY, USA

"Got my post in yesterday and installed it tonight. I did a quick ride and it feels great!!! What I love is that once you dial in the saddle you can adjust the suspension based on what ground you’re riding on." - Erick A., TX, USA

"Wow, I received mine today and immediately installed it. I matched the seat position precisely and went for a ride... And wow! Absolutely outstandingI went over a speed bump to test it first, and hardly felt anything. ""That's weird,"" I thought, and went over it again. Then I realized that was the goal of this. Incredible. Thank you so much!" - Dylan S., OR, USA

"Initial impressions were very positive riding down a rough and bumpy road. Doesn’t feel “springy” at all (a good thing) and is surprisingly damp. Huge props to the Redshift team." - Erick K., CA, USA

"Finally got it & installed it, WOW! Possibly the best cycling item I’ve bought since my 1st set of SPDs in 1990.  I’ll be ordering one for the wife manana!"
- Tony V., Switzerland

"Well, I can honestly say, it was worth the wait! I was immediately impressed by the shock absorbing effect of the seat post. Having the combination of Redshift shock stem and seat post transforms the ride in an amazing way. Congratulations Redshift on coming through with another, well designed, revolutionary product" - Gary R.

"First ride today. Love at first bump. It’s worth the wait" - Clint M., KS, USA

"After a couple hundred of miles of gravel I have to say the seatpost is as much a game changer as the stem was. This combo has improved the ride immeasurably and still gives me complete control of the bike. I still feel the bumps and the road but the shock is gone.  Seatpost took a bit of time and effort to dial in but not very difficult to accomplish. It was worth the wait for you guys to get it right. Thanks.  - David N., MI, USA

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