The Jakroo Advantage


With over 2 decades experience manufacturing performance endurance apparel, we’ve seen it worn under virtually every condition.

We continually take the feedback from our athletes to improve our products and introduce the newest innovations in patterning, fabrics and utility to help them meet the challenges of the road, mountain or track.

From ergonomic 3D patterning and seam construction, to the positioning of fabrics and features, all decisions are purpose driven to bring the highest levels of comfort, mobility and performance to the customer.


Your body is fined tuned, your reflexes are sharp. Your spirit is strong. Expect nothing less from the gear you train in. It should move with you.

Anticipate your needs, keeping you dry and cool or warm. Helping you look your best in the throes of competition.

Jakroo Custom Apparel

We use the highest quality inks for rich lasting color, durable findings and materials for reliable function when it matters most, premium best-in-class fabrics from Switzerland, Italy, and Asia to protect you from the elements, and an unwavering attention to detail across the supply chain and in our craftsmanship.


Our proprietary make-to-order, just-in-time (known as JIT) manufacturing process vertically integrates all core business functions from design and customer service through to manufacturing and delivery.

By leveraging our global resources, we are able to deliver a rich, collaborative and highly customizable experience for each individual customer. 

The result is the world’s fastest on-demand production and delivery times (2 weeks or less) for customized technical apparel.

Themed design collections, unlimited color combinations, full 3D design, and personalization. Ships in 7 DAYS!

Start your design --> http://bit.ly/2ZWonD1