Infinity L-Pro Series Cycling Seat

$ 267.00

The LPro-Series weighs 215 grams and covers a wide range of cyclists from the Cat 4 to Cat 1.
The LPro has the added comfort of the L2, while allowing the responsiveness of the N-series.
An ideal choice for Triathletes, Road, Tandem and Ultra Cyclists.

It provides relief for any type of pelvic inflammation – male or female.

It features our signature full-cutout design and is hand-stitched by our leather artisan.

Here’s how it works: The revolutionary Infinity Seat design relieves 100% of the pressure on your sit bones and pubic bone, making this a saddle like no other. All points of contact are with areas of your anatomy that “provide their own padding”. Although it may look a little strange at first, after one or two rides most people are totally convinced, and NEVER GO BACK.

Extensive testing has shown that Infinity Bike Seats provide comfort and performance for a wide-range of rider physiologies, but of course no single seat can be a perfect fit for everyone. If you're a female between 5'0" and 5'9", or a male between 5'2" and 6'3", you should be extremely satisfied.

For a no-frills, extremely comfortable and lightweight seat—look no further than the Infinity L-Pro Series. Choose your seat color AND rail color. 

Pay attention to these notes from the vendor:

– The L-Pro Series weighs 215 grams. 
– This seat is for the Minimalist Cyclist. NOT FOR BEGINNER OR WEEKEND WARRIOR.
– The L-Pro Series allows the Cyclist to become one with their bike and feel the Performance and Responsiveness of the road from each pedal stroke AND benefit from padding on the nose.
– The Infinity proprietary blend allows the cyclist to feel the recoil with every pull stroke.
– This is for the highly Proficient Cyclist who uses the seat as a pivoting point between their pedal strokes.
– This is NOT for the “pusher” who seats on the seat 100% of the time through their whole pedal stroke.


Comes with our 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the comfort and performance of your Infinity Bike Seat for any reason return it to us in 30 days.

Customer Reviews

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Testimonials (More reviews are available on each product page)

(INFINITY BIKE SEAT) Bill W.  Truly an amazingly comfortable seat. So much so, that I was unaware of any discomfort whatsoever.

(INFINITY BIKE SADDLE) Mark T.  I absolutely love the seat I recommend it as much as I can to whomever will listen!

I have Infinity saddles on both my bikes ! Again great saddle I went through quite a few before this one!!

(BIBS) Julie Fisher These are actually tied for favorite bibs I have along with my Rapha. The VIP cost is 40% of Rapha before this Black Friday sale!

(USA JERSEY) David.  Previously I had only invested in jerseys when there was a sale or through organized rides. This is my first time purchasing one thru the group and I AM THRILLED with the jersey!

(BIBS) Parker King‬ I need to brag on the quality of these bibs. I purchased the first offering of the VIP kit and the chamois they use is a better/more comfortable that what I already own, the VIP kit is now my favorite! 9/24/15

‪(BIBS) James Breda‬ I have to agree as well. I have the original shorts and I love them too. They fit great and the chamois is wonderful. I got the race fit jersey and it fits just the way you want it to. All sizes are exactly spot on. Wonderful kit. I'm going to order other designs from Zavvy. 9/24/15 

(JERSEY) Jerry Brick I love my VIP Jersey, it's my favorite.

(JERSEY) Mark Rosenbaum Got my VIP Jersey and bibs a few weeks back and did a century ride this past weekend and they are as advertised. I love my Castelli sets and the quality here through 500+ miles is as good and maybe better.

‪(JERSEY) Lauren Cohen-Tepper‬ I love my jersey!!!!

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