What's it Like Wearing An I Love Road Cycling VIP Jersey

What's it Like Wearing An I Love Road Cycling VIP Jersey

Debi Grupe

I’m not saying you’ll get superpowers, but you will be comfortable, you will look good, and you will be recognized by other VIPs on the street. Kinda like being a rock star! See what it's like wearing a VIP Jersey.

Mitch Tarr VIP Jerseys make people smile!

Mar MiDo I'm fairly new to road cycling having bought my bike exactly a year ago but in August of last year I took the plunge and did my first charity Century. Lo and behold at least two people recognized the kit as they were also members of VIP. I instantly felt like I WAS part of this community and the road cycling movement. 

Kathleen Garvin Osmond I have both the original and the 2nd version. I wore my original jersey on my first double century last year and it let two other VIPers find me! I love wearing my New Jersey and windbreaker on my "hard rides" - that's when I feel I represent The Nation!

Sandy K Dole The best kit ever..it has given me the opportunity to tell other riders about VIP

Deb Jackson Oleneack I wore my VIP Jersey on my first century ride last fall.

David Thurneysen Finished the HotterNHell100 in August 2015 in Wichita Falls, TX. Definitely had one of the coolest jerseys on the route.

Charlie Hause Love my VIP Jersey

Kathleen Marie 1st pic in September VIP jersey a bit too snug on me and a pic from last week jersey is a bit loose and all because of this group I learned so much of my strength (physically and mentally) I didn't know I had.

Carolina Baldwin My VIP kit!!!! One of my favorites!!!

MikeandDona Woehl After finishing a century ride last year. Rocking my VIP jersey! Top notch quality jersey, love it!

Keith Brown I just saved two puppies from drowning, rescued a kitten from a tree and helped an elderly couple across a busy street… No wait…. that’s not me talking, it’s my New Jersey talking!! 

Patti Maguire This is definitely my favorite jersey -- fabric and fit are perfect. Love the raglan sleeve and elastic-free hem... I can even wear it in the FL heat because the fabric breathes so well! I constantly tell cyclists about this site.

Julie Fisher The kit goes well with cowbell

Julie Fisher It travels to highest roads 

Lynda Tortomasi Eicher I love my jersey. Not only does it look great, it is really comfy and the fabric is so soft. Fits great. Thanks!

Susan Matthews I originally had a different jersey pulled for this evening's after work ride, but now I think I'll toss my VIP jersey in the bag instead.

MikeandDona Woehl After finishing a century ride last year. Rocking my VIP jersey! Top notch quality jersey, love it!

Steve Coffel  love my VIP jersey that my wife gave me for Christmas.

John Montanez My favorite jersey! A while back some guys saw my shirt and asked what it meant and I told them where to get it. Hopefully they were able to. I can't wait for the new one

Kerry Collins Hicken I love my VIP kit! It's a great fit and very sharp looking!

Marty Jacobs With fellow VIP riders, Larry Gross & Steve Levinthal. Lovin' my VIP gear.

Kevin Kroll Love my VIP jersey! Looking forward to wearing it this season on some big rides and share this great FB group with other cyclists here in Wisconsin.

Wendy Jean Moskowitz No photo of myself, but I love my VIP jacket! It is so attractive on, and it blocks the wind, keeping me just the perfect temperature out there on the road

Testimonials (More reviews are available on each product page)

(INFINITY BIKE SEAT) Bill W.  Truly an amazingly comfortable seat. So much so, that I was unaware of any discomfort whatsoever.

(INFINITY BIKE SADDLE) Mark T.  I absolutely love the seat I recommend it as much as I can to whomever will listen!

I have Infinity saddles on both my bikes ! Again great saddle I went through quite a few before this one!!

(BIBS) Julie Fisher These are actually tied for favorite bibs I have along with my Rapha. The VIP cost is 40% of Rapha before this Black Friday sale!

(USA JERSEY) David.  Previously I had only invested in jerseys when there was a sale or through organized rides. This is my first time purchasing one thru the group and I AM THRILLED with the jersey!

(BIBS) Parker King‬ I need to brag on the quality of these bibs. I purchased the first offering of the VIP kit and the chamois they use is a better/more comfortable that what I already own, the VIP kit is now my favorite! 

‪(BIBS) James Breda‬ I have to agree as well. I have the original shorts and I love them too. They fit great and the chamois is wonderful. I got the race fit jersey and it fits just the way you want it to. All sizes are exactly spot on. Wonderful kit. I'm going to order other designs from Zavvy. 

(JERSEY) Jerry Brick I love my VIP Jersey, it's my favorite.

(JERSEY) Mark Rosenbaum Got my VIP Jersey and bibs a few weeks back and did a century ride this past weekend and they are as advertised. I love my Castelli sets and the quality here through 500+ miles is as good and maybe better.

‪(JERSEY) Lauren Cohen-Tepper‬ I love my jersey!!!!

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