How do you beat a Personal Record?

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Let's say conditions are right for you to tackle a Strava segment and you want to beat your PR. It's about 18 min long with a steady 3-4% uphill grade. What's your strategy? Go as hard as you can as long as you can? Pace yourself at the average speed needed to match or exceed your PR? Push, rest, push? Any pointers?

Read on to see the advice from our I Love Road Cycling VIP Group:

Jason Johnson Get a power meter and pace yourself.

Julio C Rodriguez Pace yourself at the avg speed needed to finally accelerate in the last 2 min to successfully break your PR

Arnie Lichten Negative splits. Go out at 80-85%, and increase.

Michael Grant As mentioned above a power meter is the best tool for pacing. Get one learn to use it properly and you'll be smashing all your pr's in no time

Andy Fermin I would go as hard as I's only 18 minutes long...break the pain barrier.

Douglas Mays Go slower at start then hammer mid way. You'll crush it.

Chris Condie Pretend you're being chased by a cheetah and punch it.

Doug Groves Remember the slogan, just do it? Well, just do it for 18 minutes! Good lord, man....just do it!

John Hampton Jr. A power meter is a HUGE help, both for training and for accurate pacing. Tailwinds are helpful too

It's my understanding that a steadier pace is almost always the most efficient, especially in a long climb like that. Don't waste energy fighting the wind on flat and downhill parts, the pro's will let up a tiny bit on the flats and will let up quite a bit downhill. You certainly don't want to just freewheel; but resist the temptation some have to really hammer it once they hit the flats because they "go faster", hammer on the hills. It's just less efficient; better to save your energy for the climbs.

If your goal is a PR then there's only one thing you can do. Set a pace that beats your current PR. If you're unable to finish, come back later.

Matthew Timme Pull up the segment it will show your current attempt vs your record. See where you can improve or why you got the pr. Same for KOM see what worked for them and where yours differs

Tim Jay Start slow. Gradually pick up your RPM. I usually get stronger up the climb that way. If i attack early i blow up..bam done

Scott Issel As Hincapie says, pace and attack the last 1/3 of the hill

Adorka Bill No glass gearing, no sprints till the end.

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